January 12, 2018

Several Tips on Writing a Review of Literature

  1. Introductory Paragraph

In order not to be adrift with a book review, a review of literature comprises books, peer-reviewed article and journals, and various other resources, which are related to a certain matter, sphere of research, giving an overview, critical score of every single piece of work, and a description. The goal lies in providing a synopsis of important literary sources posted regarding subject. So, to become a good review writer, one has to take into consideration the following information.

  1. Constituents

Similar to the initial research stages, the literature review development demands the observation of four stages:

  • Statement of problem – what sphere or field is being under examination and exactly what are its constituent matters?
  • Search of literary sources – looking for materials, which are related to the subject under exploration
  • Evaluation of data and information – defining which literary sources are able to contribute to the comprehension of the topic
  • Interpretation and the process of analysis – making a discussion regarding conclusions and findings of appropriate literary works

When writing to review this or that literature source, do not forget to be focused on your task.

Reviews of literature have to cover the following parts:

  • A general idea of the topic, theory or principle under examination, together with the targets associated with analysis of literature
  • Partition of works under analysis into groups (for example, those which can back up a certain stance, those against the given position, and those which may offer alternative thesis statements fully)
  • Explanations of how exactly every single work is related to and how it differs from all other works
  • Conclusions concerning the matter which pieces are best taken into account in their debate, tend to be most convincing of the viewpoints, and contribute most to the comprehension and development of research area

In case you are stuck in all these compulsory elements of literature review and, therefore, you do not have any ideas how write a review paper, you can always ask for a professional help.

When being engaged in evaluating every piece, take into account the following details:

  • Origin – What credentials of an author can you enumerate? Are arguments of an author backed up by supportive facts (for example, case studies, statistical data, initial historical material, recent scientific discoveries, etc.)?
  • Objectiveness – Is a perspective of an author rightful or prejudicial? Is opposite data taken into consideration or perhaps is peculiar appropriate information dismissed to show a point of view of an author?
  • Persuasion – Which theses made by an author are least or most conclusive?
  • Value – Are conclusions and arguments made by an author persuading? Does the whole work make an utmost contribution in any important way to the comprehension of the subject?

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  1. Definition and Purpose

A review of literature can be a considerable part of any scientific paper such as dissertation or it may be written as a separate paper with the inclusion of writings on this or that subject. In any way, its goal will be to:

  • Put every single literary work in the framework of its contribution to the comprehension of the reviewed subject
  • Try to explain the connection of one work to the other one
  • Define new methods of interpretation and make clearer any gaps in previous researches
  • Define spheres of prior scholarship in order to prevent replication of endeavors
  • Indicate the way for further methods of research
  • Put someone’s original paper (in the case dissertations) in the framework of present literary works

The analysis of literature itself, nevertheless, will not provide brand new main scholarship.

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