Up-to-date information about the chemical composition of plants and the transformation of substances and energy in plant organisms.

Substances that determine the quality of plant products

Glucosamine can be aspect of several polysaccharides of plants and fungi, and also therefore is additionally a structural part of chitin in insects and crustaceans. Galactic amine can be really a structural element of glycolipids. Aldehyde and chief alcohol classes of monosaccharide might be oxidized to produce carboxylic acids. As a consequence of the efficacy […]

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Qualitative variability of the chemical composition of plants

Phosphate Esters of most ribose are intermediate products of soluble metabolic course of action. In free sort ribose is formed through the breakdown of rib nucleotides. The free version of this monosaccharide consists of nearly no. Organisms of the people and animals are not slapped. In Complimentary sort is comprised in modest quantities. Human body […]

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Biochemical mechanisms of substances transformation

Amylose dissolves in heated water and also as soon as an aqueous solution of potassium in potassium iodide is added, it also seems depressed, as flavonoids strains complexes using sugar deposits. Aqueous solutions of amylose tend not to fluctuate in high viscosity so if reputation fairly fast type a crystalline precipitate. The division points from […]

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Biochemical basis of plant life processes management

Its molecules have been assembled in the deposition of glucose, but compared to amylopectin possess a greater level of branching. The division factors of glycogen are situated every glucose deposits, and also the molecular attains a few thousand. A whole large amount of glycogen is inside the muscles and liver of humans and animals, together […]

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