Monthly Archives: September 2018

Yellow Fever: the Newest Epidemic of Brazil

Most folk Are launched into yellow-fever up on; on the touring follow to some vacation spot a lot away, we’re instructed we wish a yellow fever vaccine. For folks fever might be really a dysfunction of locations faraway: out of sightout of thoughts. To folks from the 4-7 nations in Africa and South America, it […]

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The Importance of Clean Meat

Imagine a universe where people may keep on moving in their own lives as they have been, while making decisions that are environmentally conscious and friendly. Sterile meat known as beef, may make this a real possibility within the upcoming several decades. The thought is to generate meat by increasing their own cells at a […]

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Plagiarism and Citation

Plagiarism and citation – the problems of modern society, which people struggle with the help of the law, endure for a general discussion, write articles and books about it. We must not forget that plagiarism is not so unambiguous, and the idea of the mimesis was comprehensively developed in the ancient aesthetics from Democritus, Socrates, […]

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Heterofunctional compounds. Stereoisomerism

Heterofunctional compounds are organic substances containing two or more different functional groups that combine both the properties of the corresponding monofunctional derivatives and their specific chemical characteristics that are most important for ensuring the biological functions performed by these substances. All these compounds are part of living organisms. They are either formed during metabolism as […]

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